Saturday, 12 November 2011

Charli's Quilt is finished !!

I have been waiting to borrow a good camera to take a clear pic of my grand-daughter Charli's finished quilt top. It still has to have alot of bright flower button sewn on and I am hoping to get it professionally quilted over the next few weeks so I can give it to her for Christmas!! The wind played havoc with my photo shoot but I did get this shot off before it nearly blew off my


  1. Oh Wow Cate, what a gorgeous quilt, I'm sure your grand daughter is going to love this. So much work in there and I could look at all the details for ages. xo

  2. What a LUCK-eee duck, granddaughter! This is sooo pretty and cheery. How fun to cover up in this warm-fuzzy quilt. =)